Electronic Solutions

Development Services for Internet Portals
E-portalconsidered as the main platform for providing services to government and the private sector, it must be built and established in a unique way by adopting international standards for constructing e-portals. Al-Sharq Company is depends on constructing the electronic portals by adapting the latest solutions by themajor companies in the construction of electronic portals. The company has a unique group of specialists in this field with distinguished and successful experiences. Also the company has specialized in the development of external electronic portals since the beginning of the company until it became

Services for Development of Internal Portals (Intranet)

Internal Portals help Institutions and companies’ staff to perform their business more easily and quickly as well as help departmentsto make decisions which based on increasing the expertise and knowledge provided by the internal portal. In addition, these internal portals reduce the financial cost of institutions and companies by providing self-service to employees.
It also contributes the provision of effort and time, and promotes greater cooperation between employees through the provision of services that provide communication among employees in a single enterprise.

Custom Application Solutions

Customized applications are developed for our customers on a demand, that’s after business analysts collect and analyse customer requirements. Hereafter being approved by the client, systems analysts perform the technical analysis required to develop the applications that serve the client's objectives and achieve the desired benefit from the project.
Through these applications, enterprises can obtain the highest degree of reliability in the accuracy of work accomplished through such applications, because they are developed specifically for them depending on the method of completion of the work according to the needs of the establishment.

E - Commerce Sites

E-commerce websites are the most cost-effective way to promote your online business. By developing your website with E-Commerce. You can reach potential customers around the world by giving them your products and services directly through the Internet. Another important benefit of e-commerce sites are the fastest way to make sales orders. Using the Internet, enabling you to take orders from your partners or customers, and deliver goods to them faster than traditional methods.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications and smart devices are one of the most important tools in the development of the business sector today, as they have become the fastest spread among other tools and more used in the world ,because of the use of smart phones ,mobile applications and tablets in all areas of life. The opportunity is still available to enter the mobile applications market and smartphones for the investor to increase the target audience and investment opportunities through mobile applications and smart devices which have developed significantly. Therefore, Al-Sharq Company is interested in designing and programming mobile applications for all types of business devices and environments by providing mobile application services, iPhone and Android programs and other environments.

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