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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
is a technical system designed to coordinate all resources, information and activities that are necessary to fully process processes, such as accounting and human resources, also it can exchange data between its various parts. It can be designed according to your choice, by choosing parts you only need to manage your business without spending a lot of money. You can also specify the powers of each user in the system, and thus provide you with a new level of security for your establishment. You can also rely on it to solve your company's problems, because it is not only designed to organize all of your assets efficiently, but also to help you find the right solutions to your problems, to ensure smooth product or deliveryservices. It is an easy-to-use tool that makes it easy for you to perform your daily tasks and make important decisions.

Law System

An integrated program designed specifically for law offices, which enabling you to manage your business anywhere in the world through the Internet in a flexible, easy, fast, orderly, strong and secure at the same time.
It has many features that enable you to pursue legal issues, manage your lawyers and their associated tasks also to communicate automatically with clients.
The program includes a special record of bills and bonds, human resources management system, vacations and many other features.

Document Archiving System

Many enterprises suer from a huge amount of paper documents which required processing and storage. Although it has begun to use content management in order to reduce the amount of paper documents in addition to other advantages of content management systems solutions, and the need to convert them into electronic documents and insert them into databases in what is known(Migration Data).
Al-Sharq Integrated IT Company has provided all of these facilities to its customers by providing a scanning service for documents and documents accumulated in record periods. It includes analysis, indexing and storage in databases by managing the content of the facility.
Electronic archiving has been developed for the purpose of storing and converting paper les and documents into electronic documents and then dealing with them electronically can be added to any programs that deal with content management systems within any private organization or government agency.

Accounting Systems

In any organization, whatever the nature of its activity, it must have an accounting system to cover all its financial activities. The accounting system is the system that records all transactions and nancial transactions in the entity to be summarized in the form of reports and nancial statements in a short time and less expensive. The aim of this system is to document the nancial movements electronically operated by the Finance Unit or the Accounting Department at the facility. This program ensures easy access to data and information at any time. The accounting system in most administrative, industrial and commercial establishments has the advantages of Flexibility of financial operations, business statistics and data structure. Al-Sharq Accounting program is one of the most advanced accounting software solutions that will be introduced in the market and designed according to the requirements of the labour markets in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. Let us be your first choice without hesitation.

Human Resources System

The need for a comprehensive human resources information management system based on the latest concepts, methods, tasks and functional requirements to help the Human Resources Department achieve its objectives to improve staff effciency, productivity, training, growth, cost control and job satisfaction, and to allow organizations to eectively exchange information through the use of the system of personnel services, as well as reduce data entry and accuracy by receiving it directly from the source that allowing the specialists in this area to work quickly , accurately and with higher eciencyto manage all aspects of the organizations in general and staff In particular.
The company's integrated HR system will be rich in characteristics that meet the latest practices and tasks necessary for the success of the operated organizations.
Join successful companies that use the latest human resources system to manage the network of human resources functions and requirements.

Technical Support System

After Having implemented number of projects and programs which are part of strategic plans to achieve the objectives of the establishment, there is a great need for an automated system that records, follows up and executes support requests for customers (users of these systems) in an electronic manner, so that the communication between these customers and specialists in Technical support will be easy to solve their problems. Al-Sharq Integrated Company is pleased to provide technical solutions in this aspect, and provide systems

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