Management Social of Media
Al Sharq Company provides support and assistance, if you do not have the experience or time to manage your accounts in social networking sites, we managed it daily and continuous follow-up by a staff specialized in e-marketing by setting the best strategic plans for your account and creating inspirational ideas to your followers to provide attractive content worth pursuing.

Services provided by Al-Sharq Company in the management of social media :

- Manage accounts fully on social networking sites:
- Creation of advertising campaigns and funded advertisements on social networking sites.
- Communicate with followers and respond to their queries.
- Preparing designs for the facility in an innovative and creative way.
- Follow-up developments and commercialization of Twitters with Hash tag and Re-twit.
- Upload appropriate images with relevant comments written.
- Monitoring the applications of followers through social networking sites.
- Conduct an electronic survey.

Printed Media

Stationery Design:

A-Sharq Company provides you with the best designs for stationery that meet your company's requirements.

Catalogue Design:

We will provide you with catalogued materials that will help you close deals with your customers easily.

Booklets and Paper ADS:

We at Al Sharq Integrated Company will provide you with one of the best advertising brochures and paper advertising services.

Design of Posters:

Al Sharq Integrated Company will provide you with the best poster design for your establishment as well as printing services.

Marketing Presentations & Presentation Tools

Marketing Presentations:

Al SharqCompany provides all the reliable professional services you need to offer your promotional and mar keting products in a professional manner that suits your business.

Design Tags:

Create a trendy and professional impression about your company, and to ease traffic congestion within your company with a clear plan that will help visitors find their destination quickly and easily.

Design Display Tools:

Al sharq Company will help you to design exhibitions or special store fronts whether for the full size of the trade fair or portable advertising designs for small stalls.

Stand-up ADS:

We design ads in all shapes and sizes whether they are portable or hanging to be placed in proportion to the overall design inside the trade fairs.

Brand Marketing and Logo Design

Companies Trademarks:

Al Sharq Integrated Company will be engaged you in a trip to help our designers to create a corporate personality that will differentiate you from your competitors and help you assemble your future customers.

Designing a Logo:

We can say that the design of the logo for companies and businesses is a cornerstone of their marketing and advertising efforts. We will help you to create the right logo for your company.

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