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Domain is the name of the site, preferably in the name of your company or your project and when you choose for your domain tried to be easy pronunciation and writing in order to make it easier for visitors all keepers simply, if the domain is the main location as

Before you buy domain you should do a search Did domain previously reserved or not !! There are several endings for URLs, when you book you never owned the scope of a lifetime! You are owned by the booking him and you can always renovated to keep yours.

Yes, you can request the amendment in anything related to the design and you can also request a design change that did not have to much you like.

Yes, you can work to upgrade and increase the area of your site at any time by contacting us at Arqam company phones or send an email.

Necessary measures to move your site to our servers: send email to us contain location data and we will move your site within 24 hours of submitting the application.

You can ask to hold the required service and we Komura and his signature and then send you your copy, you can also request an official certificate to register your site with your name, which belongs to you and is also stamped and signed.

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Request to Visit
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